The 2018 NTPNA Committee

The management of NTPNA is vested in the NTPNA Committee.

The Committee consists of 5 members who volunteer their own time to work collaboratively to provide the educational and professional development events and the administrative activities to support members along the way. 

The Committee meets once  month to ensure continual and optimal progress on projects, to receive reports and share updates on matters under consideration, attend to planning and the necessary decision-making that is require for running an Incorporated Association. 

Members who are interested in Committee service, please talk to one of our current Committee members for more information.

President                                   Dorcas Shih    

Vice President                           Rose Gaston

Secretary                                   Jaide Holtz      

Treasurer                                   Dana Petrilli

ACORN Dicector (NT)                 Sophie Ehrlich

Membership Secretary             Dana Petrilli

Public Officer                             Rose Gaston    

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