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Bali Education Tour 2018!

During the Easter long-weekend, we conducted our Bali Education Tour once again. This year we had 11 nurses and 1 surgeon from Darwin join us on our trip. ACORN very generously donated their Aseptic Hand washing DVD to the Bali nurses which we presented to them. The education sessions held at the hospital were presented by Dr Abe Chandra in his specialty areas of trauma and vascular surgery as well as a case study and questions which encouraged critical thinking in the local nurses and Darwin nurses alike! The Balinese nurses have asked us to conduct more case study base workshops next time round as they thoroughly enjoyed them. Lesley Stewart presented on safe sharps handling within the peri-operative field which generated a lot of discussion among the Balinese nurses and the Australian nurses in regards to the consumables available and how challenges in this area can be overcome. Other than the study day at the hospital, we also had a few cultural tours around Bali which enabled us to understand the Balinese culture better. Since the tour, a lot of interest has generated from both surgeons as well as interstate ACORN members, I hope with more resources the next Bali Education Tour will be bigger and better. 

Dorcas Shih

NTPNA Inc President

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