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Over many years of hard work by our previous committees, NTPNA officially become an Incorporated Association in 2016. 

Our Mission Statement

promoting excellence in patient care by providing professional and educational support for perioperative nurses in the Northern Territory.

Aims & Values

- Serve as a means of communication to members

- promote valuable education opportunities

- encourage evidence based practice

- support research projects

increase professional memberships

- assist perioperative nurses in reaching their full potential

- excellence in perioperative nursing

- maintaining professional and ethical behaviour

Our Purpose

The purpose of the NTPNA Inc encompasses; provision of financial support for educational opportunities such as study days, workshops and conferences. Professional membership to ACORN, access to the ACORN Standards and promotion of it's activities as well as maintaining a Northern Territory focus. Recently our members have had the opportunity to participate in HECS free or discounted post graduate degrees in Perioperative Nursing. We also maintain professional relationships with our surrounding organisations both within Australia and overseas.  

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